Posted by: Katie | Aug 3, 2012

Summer Update

It has been an embarrassingly long time since I have written a post on either of my blogs. So here is an update on us.

We are enjoying summer by being outside a lot. David started a new job at a wonderful company and it has been a great change for our family. Mari potty trained in two days, and it was super easy (and I am now anticipating that Jack will be impossible). Mari took swim lessons and rocked it. Can you say the next Missy Franklin? She got her first pair of blue jeans. I am now able to braid her hair in french braids and I love it! Jack talks non-stop, and I mean non-stop. If anyone has tips on how to get your kids to stop talking please let me know. He loves trains. He is rarely seen without a train in his hand. If he is not holding a train, he is holding a princess. I broke my leg early in the summer, but I am back at about 90%. I still can’t run, but I can do everything else.

My babies are no longer babies, but they are still pretty fun, so I think we’ll keep them! We love visitors, so come see us in Minnesota some time, okay?

Here are some pictures!

Posted by: Katie | Apr 2, 2012

New Wheels!

Last week David and I came to terms with our current state of life. We are now willing to accept that we are nerdy, suburban parents. I am more likely to leave the house on with peanut butter on my shirt than a cute necklace, and I haven’t brought a purse with me in ages, just a huge diaper bag.

Having accepted these truths, we bought a minivan. Actually, we both were really excited to buy one and we love it to pieces. It is perfect for the kids and it drives so nicely!

I can’t imagine going back to my car again. I love the van. It is so nice and clean and it smells great. I give it two weeks before we find an old sippy cup of milk behind the back seat.


Posted by: Katie | Mar 11, 2012

Stuff Mari Says…

This morning Mari graced us with this gem:

Mari: Orca whale wear swim suit?
Me: No orca whales don’t wear swimsuits. They swim without any clothes. They swim naked.
Mari: Orca whale naughty?

Earlier this week Mari shared this disgusting conversation with her daddy.

David(trying to tickle Mari): Where’s your belly button?
Mari: It’s all gone.
David: Where did it go?
Mari: It’s in my poop.

Posted by: Katie | Jan 21, 2012

Finally Some Snow

We have had very, very little snow this year. This morning David had to actually shovel so we threw Mari into her snow suit and set her free. She loved it so much. She refused to come in despite the -1 temperature. Oh, and because I am a mean mom my baby didn’t get to go outside and he was a little angry at me…

Posted by: Katie | Jan 1, 2012

Some New Things!

In celebration of the New Year, we enjoyed some new things this past week!

1. My child used the potty chair for the first time. The kids were taking a bath and my little cutie started acting kinda funny. So I put the cutie on the potty chair with the instruction to go potty. My baby said, “peepee” and then peed on the potty chair. Way to go Jack! (Yes, I said Jack. Mari refuses to use the potty and were not pushing it at this point.)

2. Jack got his first hair cut. The curly blond mullet was getting a little too long. He was a perfect angel once the stylist gave him a hot pink comb to chew on. He is one little handsome dude.

Posted by: Katie | Jan 1, 2012

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a happy and joyous New Year!

We had a great Christmas and are still recovering from everything. Hoping your family is enjoying the Christmas season.

Posted by: Katie | Nov 30, 2011


I have so much to be thankful for. Food, shelter, and clothing are just the beginning. My husband is my rock. Mari is my spirit. Jack is my love. I have incredible families (Nortons and Grutsch’s). And a faith the centers me and leads my life. This Thanksgiving we had so much to celebrate and enjoy.

We also traveled to Muncie, IN to visit my big sister and her family. And like an awesome mama, I only took pictures one day. But we had such a great time. And, oh, I have one more thing to be thankful for, our kids are incredible travelers. Not even one minute of crying in the over 20 hours in the car!

Posted by: Katie | Nov 1, 2011

Jackie Doodle is One!

We can’t believe that Jack is one. It seems just like yesterday I was in the hospital with my little chubbers. His first birthday was a great celebration. We had friends over in the morning, went out to lunch with Grandma, had our first Chuck E. Cheese experience, and gave Jack a train table and train set to celebrate his special day. Four days later we had his pirate party. Complete with pirate oreos, a pirate ship cake, and pirate hats. Jack ate his whole birthday cupcake in one bite. The next night we gave him some of the chocolate pirate ship and he LOVED it! All in all I think he had a great time.

We love our little Jack so much and can’t wait to spend another year with him!!

Posted by: Katie | Oct 4, 2011

Moo is Two!

My baby girl is two. It makes me want to cry, but I am too busy smiling at my increasingly adorable little girl. She is fantastic. Her birthday was perfect. She woke up to apple pie for breakfast (daddy’s idea), went to coffee with Grandma, cake for dessert after dinner, presents, and an awesome tea party. I love her. I love her so much. She made me a mom. She changed my life.

Posted by: Katie | Sep 18, 2011

Summer Vacation Part Two!

This is a couple of months late, but better late than never, right? Right? Some one please tell me that I am not the only one with toddlers that is consistently late on EVERYTHING. Well, my kids are loved, (well) fed, dressed, and housed. And, I consider that a great success.

These are the pictures of our long road trip from Northern Minnesota through the UP of Michigan, which was absolutely beautiful. We went to a Grandma Norton’s family reunion in Michigan. The next day we drove to Papa Norton’s dad’s (Pa’s) house in Ohio. We ended the trip by visiting friends in Chicago. I didn’t take any picture in Chicago which was very silly because we got to visit with one absolutely beautiful baby Chiara. Anyway, We had a great time with all of our Norton (and Young) relatives. We miss them all so much and love visiting!

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